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Injector044512217.com is a website that specialized in supplying common rail injector 0445120217 as well as its compatible part numbers as products.

After about ten years of business experience in diesel injector industry, we have developed as one of the biggest supplier of common rail injectors in China. After these years of business expanding, injector 0445120217 is one of the most favorite to customers and one of hot selling product of our company. In order to provide better service to customers and make customers to learn more professional information of injector 0445120217, we built a website for it, this is the background story of injector044512217.com.


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You must be curious that what we can provide for visitors to learn about injector 0445120217, please be patient and keep reading. Actually, we do not only provide information of diesel injector 0445120217, but also with other products such as diesel injector 0445120217,  0445120061, 0445120274, 0986435526, 51101006064, L110100-6126, 51101006138, 51101009126.

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Fuel injector is the most critical and complex part in common rail system, and it is also the most difficult part in design and process. By controlling the opening and closing of the solenoid valve, the ECU injects the fuel in the high-pressure fuel rail into the combustion chamber with the best fuel injection timing, fuel injection quantity and fuel injection rate.


Since the injector plays so important role in vehicle’s engine, it is important to choose reliable supplier when you purchase it.


Our company has specialized in diesel industry for over 10 years, and has developed our own produce line and technical department, which give us ability to satisfy different demands of customers.


During 10 years of development, we are not only satisfied as an big diesel parts supplier, but also registered its own product’s trademark and patents and  developed its own technical APP – TruckBook Parts EPC APP, which for searching diesel auto vehicles’ technical data.


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